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In 2017, the management consulting industry saw a 4.1% growth rate. However, the physical delivery of processes, models, & tools provided by management consulting firms is still chained to entrenched business models. A new approach is needed if consulting firms intend to unlock the next phase of their evolution & value. If you are considering jump starting a new business model for management consulting, here are a set of questions (from Inc.com) to consider:

TRANSFORMATIVE PROBLEMS What emerging client challenges & needs exist that, if addressed, would transform their business by 10x, or even 100x?

RADICAL INTELLIGENCE How do we leverage big data, artificial intelligence, collaboration tools, & other technologies to create a step change in the level of knowledge & insight we deliver?

SCALABLE RELEVANCE How do we scale tools & methods while ensuring applicability to the widest possible audience globally?

KNOWLEDGE DEMOCRATIZATION How do we make models, tools, & resources ubiquitously available while building a sustainable business model?

COLLABORATIVE ECOSYSTEMS What networks can we build or join that exponentially elevate the value we create & deliver?

Consultants that recognize the limitations of their existing models while exploring opportunities that tap into emerging technologies and new delivery models will have the best chance of thriving in the future. Are you ready to learn more & get your business thriving? Connect with EBO Consulting Inc. today!


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