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About Us

EBO Consulting Inc. is an Alaska-based business development consulting agency, specializing in business structuring and planning, document management, meeting support, regulatory and compliance, SOP development, and notary services.

Founded in July 2018 and incorporated in August 2019 in Anchorage, Alaska, EBO comprises a team of specialized consultants, with a combined 25+ years experience in business administration, executive leadership and management, operations, and growth strategization.

EBO serves both local and national markets, supporting businesses in various stages including the startup phase, growth period, through sustainability, and beyond. 

To maximize the client experience and meet each client's unique needs, we are organized into four core divisions: ENGAGE Management Solutions, BUILD Startup & Growth Strategies, OPTIMIZE Administrative & Operational Support, and NOTARIZE Mobile Notary Services.  

Our Mission
We seek to create visible, welcoming networks where businesses at every life cycle stage can find the resources to create solid foundations on which to test and develop their ideas.  We strive to always deliver more than expected.


Our Vision
We envision entrepreneurship as a collaborative endeavor to bring great ideas to the community.  We believe this vision can only be actualized among startups, investors, consumers, and the broader communities in which they do business.


"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

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Our style of communication is consistent and expeditious, resulting in services being delivered on-time and on-budget.



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We believe in building trust by being mindful, attentive and courteous to our clients' needs.  We help to mitigate obstacles and actualize solutions.


Our Values

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Our business development strategies, solutions, and systems are customized to seamlessly blend with existing business infrastructures.



Chief Operating Officer + Founder
Chief Executive Officer
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